Take Ownership of Your Happiness

Post5It is no secret any more that you are all powerful manifestors. Able to create for yourselves all that you could possibly desire. That is now understood by so many. We only wish to reinforce the understanding that it is indeed you who are in control. You think it is us or some other invisible presence that is pulling the strings like those on a marionette. Indeed, most definitely not so. Take ownership of your happiness and let it flow. Make the choice each and every day to be happy, to choose happy thoughts, to ignore the irrelevant negativity that you seem to want to cling to. You do not need to go in that direction at all. It serves you not.

To Each His Own.


The outward is only a creation of the inward. That which you see outside of yourself is a reflection of that which you have allowed yourself to imagine. Understand that it is nothing more than that. Relax into the knowing that the picture any being sees before itself is one that they themselves have created. Whether that is a picture of something undesirable or something made from their wildest dreams. And also understand that you cannot judge what another’s situation is, whether good or bad, for you cannot see the outpicturing from the point of view that they are seeing it. Do not judge others for having a good life or a bad life. For their life as viewed by them, from their perspective, will be different than as viewed from your perspective. It is all a matter of circumstance and each has his own. To each his own, as it were.

This world of yours


Your decision to come to this time and place is a journey that we are in awe of. Do not ever, for even a moment, think that you are alone or without support while you are here. We are journeying with you although we are not there in the physical sense that you would better be able to comprehend. But still, do not for a moment doubt that there are many here with you.