You are magnificent.


Think about the ease with which you can choose to view life through the lens of joy. It is a simple shift of perspective and costs you nothing. In fact, you would only gain from this decision. Think of all those who have come before you and been able to manifest their wildest dreams. Think of all those who will come after you to do the same. Do you not wish to be among them? Do you not envision that you are as able as they are, or were, to do the same. You are magnificent. You come from magnificence. Do not doubt this for even a moment. You can tap into this divine river of abundance. It is yours, yours, yours. Here for the taking. It is as simple as asking the question and receiving the answer. We are here waiting. And watching. And applauding you every moment of the way. Keep in your mind’s eye the picture of us standing here cheering every single thing that you do. The smallest and the biggest. You are our beloveds and we wish you to see yourselves as we do. You are simply pure love and perfection. Nothing less. Be that which you are. Go forth and shine and let everyone see who you are and who they are. Pure love and joy.

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