You are perfection.

Post9There is no need for such struggle and self-flagellation. We wish you to know your greatness. We wish you to be able to experience the abundance of joy that we feel in your presence. We wish you to know that there is no one more perfect than yourself. There is nothing you can do that would ever change this view of yourself, in our eyes and in our hearts. Nothing at all. You are a child of God and there can be nothing that you are that is not a refection of this perfection. For you to imagine anything else is to dishonor that from which you have come. And so, all this being said, we know that this is information that you know on a factual level but the feeling of it, and believing of it, is a whole other matter. This is what does not come so easily to you. And we cannot force this upon you. It is you who must come to this conclusion on your own. But give yourself a chance. Give yourself the time each day to sit and ponder the perfection of all that is around you and all that is you.

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