Stop right now and sit still.


Stop right now and sit still. Feel the energy of love that we are sending to you. Feel it wash over you. Feel it soaking into every cell of your being. It is the warmth and the light and the love that is yours to have each and every moment of each and every day. Open yourself up to receive our love and this will help you to begin to feel the love that your Source, your higher self, has for you. Do not try to do this on an intellectual level for it cannot be had in this manner. Feel it from an energetic level and you will begin to make small steps toward seeing yourself the way that Source sees you… as a perfect child, as one who can do no wrong, as one who is admired. You are All That Ever Was and All That Is and you carry the imprint of that from which you came. You can never rid yourself of this. Put aside your egoic ways of thinking and join with us in our appreciation of all that you are. See us now in your mind’s eye. This energy that is flowing to you flows across time and space. It is with you every moment of every day and in every molecule and fiber of your being. We will never leave you. We have never left you. We have been with you for eons and will continue to be with you, time having no end.

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