In the many months since I last posted I have given alot of thought as to whether I wanted to commit to continuing this blog, what it’s purpose was and how I could find a way to make it a consistent practice while still being manageable. This past summer I decided to challenge myself to spending time each morning for 30 days doing channeled writing. I am proud to report that I completed that challenge and have continued on afterward. At some point I realized that I could combine the channeled messages with the blog and be able to share these beautiful words that I receive from spirit. So, for now, that’s the plan and today is the first day. I will post a new one each week. For the most part these will be snippets of longer messages that I may also post from time to time. I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy receiving them. I will also post them on Instagram so please follow me there.



A Little Birdie Told Me


I have a client who is holding their annual conference in Baltimore in the fall. And I have a friend who I thought would be a perfect fit to speak at said annual conference. My friend has recently written a book and has an amazing message to share and this would be the perfect audience. I called my friend up and mentioned the conference to her and she agreed – it would be a great fit.

But alas, then comes the tough part… going through the application process. You have to fit the criteria and prove yourself worthy of the position, which my friend did with ease (well ok, at least it looked like ease from my point of view). And then, the tougher part – the waiting. And for many of us, the doubting. For me it’s often a vicious cycle I find myself repeating… worrying, then acknowledging that I’m worrying, then worrying that my worrying – via the law of attraction – will make me a magnet for all of the awful bad news I have been worrying will come. And then of course that means that I must worry some more.

I don’t know if my friend put herself through this heinous wash, rinse and repeat series of negative thoughts. But she called me one day and told me what she did experience.

By the end of the day that the organization was scheduled to let all of the applicants know whether or not they had made the cut, my friend hadn’t heard squat. So she decided to go out for a walk to clear her head and get away from the computer and the obsessive urge to constantly check her email. During her walk, something swooped by and caught her eye. She focused her attention on the movement and realized it was a bird as it perched nearby. Not just any old bird, it was a Baltimore oriole. Yes, I kid you not, there it was. As plain as day. Not just any old bird, but a flippin’ Baltimore oriole. She said she had never before seen one in their neighborhood. A sign, you ask? Heck yeah. The next day she got the email saying “Congratulations! We’ll see you in October!”

It makes me wonder how often the universe puts out those seemingly little signs for us and how often we miss them. I picture spirit finding clever ways to put unusual experiences in our paths and then collectively rolling their eyes as we tromp on by with our heads down and eyes fixed firmly on the 3 feet directly in front of us, all the while worrying our little minds about what may or may not come to pass.

I am so glad my friend was able to see her sign. And in telling me about it she reminded me that these things do happen and they are real. Spirit is constantly communicating with us… it’s just up to us to be open and to receiving it.




A few years ago had an epiphany that I wanted to learn about reiki. Looking back it really was an epiphany because at the time I had no idea what reiki even was. One evening I was reading a book on an entirely different topic and the author happened to mention reiki in one of the chapters. As soon as I read that word, wondering what it was, I jumped up, grabbed my laptop and Googled “reiki”. Near the top of the search results was an entry for a woman in a nearby town who taught it. The next day I called her and registered myself for her next Level 1 class. Since then I’ve taken Level 2 and Master Level classes with her and also progressed on to complete a Karuna reiki master class and Reconnective Healing classes. I love this stuff and it’s completely changed the way I look “traditonal” medicine. I believe mainstream medicine often seeks to treat, or suppress, the symptoms of a given illness without diving deeper into determining what is causing the symptoms. Reiki seeks to activate the body’s natural healing process to restore physical and emotional well-being.

But, alas, I do not currently make my living doing reiki. And despite the initial impulse to jump right into it I used to catch myself wondering what in the hell I thought I was doing. There are many people in the world of alternative medicine who have been doing their thing for so many years – way before it was in the mainstream – it is rather intimidating to say the least.

One day, not long after my Level 1 class, I was driving in my car on my way home, pondering where I might possibly be headed with all of this and asking spirit to give me a sign. Not just a sign, mind you, but a big, giant road sign please. I prefer my signs to be big and in my face. Like something my little pea brain just can’t run screaming from. I really just wanted to know if I’m just wasting my time with this stuff, and who was I anyway to think I belonged in this unique group of people. Shortly thereafter I was on the on-ramp, merging on to the highway and once I was on I merged over into the middle lane. I drove for a few minutes and then suddenly noticed the license plate on the car directly in front of me. Yessir, there was my road sign! Big as day and right in front of me. The license plate spelled out REIKI. Damn, spirit you sure do have a way of creating a synchronicity now, don’t ya.

As with many things that have come to pass since then, I have found ya just can’t make this shit up. But, you gotta believe it to see it. ; )

Because I’m Happy

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 10.18.49 AM

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be able to attend an Esther Hicks/Abraham event in a city near where I live. I say fortunate not only because I love going but because it always blows my mind that she comes to a city so close by and it couldn’t be any easier to attend. No trains, no planes, no overnights in an unfamiliar bed. Crazy easy. I’ve probably been to see her 8 times over the years.

[Sidebar: I was going to add in a whole bunch of info here about Esther/Abraham and their teachings on the Law of Attraction, but just to keep things simple… Esther is a lovely woman who is able to channel a group of non-physical entities that (for the sake of our simple minds) calls itself Abraham. If you’re interested in learning more check out YouTube and/or I will assume if you continue reading that you have an open mind to this kind of stuff. If you don’t, no worries, I won’t bother to try to convince you.]

I always come away having heard something I needed to hear. I always go with questions planned that I’d like to ask. I always raise my hand but I’ve never been chosen, even though I try to sit in a strategic spot where I’m sure “they’ll” notice me. But inevitably (and Abraham says this will be the case), someone will ask a question that will result in an answer I am seeking. Without fail.

Such was the case this last time, but I also came away with another nugget that is what I really wanted to share. For me, it was definitely a blinding flash of the obvious (BFO)…

Abraham said that everything we desire while we are here on this earth is desired for one reason and one reason only: because we want to be happy. We want to feel good. We want to feel better than we currently do. Think about that… every choice you make, every wish you have, every decision you ponder, every drug you take, every cookie you eat is only because you want to be or feel happier or better than you currently do. I feel like that alone is mind blowing in it’s simple truth. Like, no shit! Totally can’t argue with that. Try checking in with yourself on a random basis and think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it and I’ll bet the answer is: to feel/be better in some fashion or another.

So if you take that one step further, we are often putting off actually feeling that happy feeling until that thing we are pursuing comes to fruition. How often have you heard someone (or yourself) say “once I have _______________ then things will REALLY be great.” Right? We’re always pursuing things with the idea that once they have arrived in our experience then and only then true bliss will magically descend upon us. And so the question Abraham asked was “then why not just skip ahead to the part where you’re already feeling happy, since that’s what you’re really after anyway?” Wow. Yeah. Excellent point, Abe! [Note the key point: based on the Law of Attraction, having what you desire is a byproduct of feeling happy and NOT the other way around.] So why not cut out a whole lot of angst and anxiety and bullshit and make a conscious decision to start feeling happy and enjoying your life right now (to the best of your ability – not asking you to go from zero to sixty in two seconds people).

There’s a whole lot more that can be unpacked from that (and that’s a whole other blog post) and there are tons of Esther/Abraham videos on YouTube, and books on if you want to get a deeper understanding (yeah, I suggest you do). It did take me a while at first to really begin to grasp their teachings but once I did it was like I was being reminded of things that I already knew.

So I hope my BFO was also your BFO. If not today then maybe some day.


What If?…


Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming about something that you really desire? Asking yourself “what if” you had a new job, a new car, a new partner, a new lifestyle? Can you remember the feelings that you were having during those exquisite moments when you let your thoughts run free and began to envision something new and different? Didn’t you feel it in your body? A visceral feeling… a deep-down, instinctual excitement at the possibilities of what the future could bring. That, my friend, is the power of a “what if” question.

If you have a moment right now, stop what you’re doing and think of something you’ve been longing for — something that you haven’t even allowed yourself to consider having — and ask yourself “What if I could easily __________________?” (fill in the blank). And then spend a minute or so daydreaming about how that would feel and what it would look like.

The thing is, when you ask a “what if?” question, out loud or silently, it’s really all about the moments after you ask the question. When you ask a “what if” question that is important to you there’s a slight pause after you ask the question as your neurotransmitters are lining up the energy that is coming through your body. During that pause you are recalibrating your own energy. That’s the moment when your energy is actually starting to match your power. This is the excitement you feel as you are envisioning the possibilities. Literally the energy inside your body is matching up to the energy of your potential. It’s you lining up your vision of yourself with the vision that the Universe has for you. And the real magic is happening through this alignment. Yikes!

A while ago I began to ask myself “what if I easily communicate between worlds?”— meaning our physical world and the world of spirit. I literally felt giddy at the thought, it was so exciting. And I allowed myself to daydream about what that might might look like in a tangible way, in my life. I did this on a fairly regular basis. And I am here to tell you that I have begun to see a change in my clairsentient abilities and I have gone from being hopeful but tentative/doubtful to being able to connect much more readily and easily. My channeling is no longer only typewritten but also comes through verbally. I am much more confident and capable as a result.

So what I am telling you is that you can have an impact on your life and your circumstances simply by asking yourself “what if” questions. And then paying attention to the alignment you feel as your energy shifts. It’s exciting, right?!? And it’s so freakin’ simple! I believe that if you practice this regularly you will begin to see your circumstances change for the better. I hope if you do you will share them with me. I’d love to see how your dreams come to life!

Connecting the Dots


Last fall I had a pretty profound series of small events that taught me the key to following your intuition. I came to realize that if we all were to choose, at any given moment, the thing that makes us go “Wow!” or “Yay!” or “Awesome!” then we are allowing ourselves to follow our intuition. It’s. That. Simple. Yet it’s so easy NOT to do it. So, first, let me ’splain…

My son Denis is a mental health counselor and lives in San Francisco (I live in Connecticut). He and I are big fans of Jack Kornfield. Jack is a Buddhist teacher and author. (If you have never read any of his books I highly recommend you do.) Jack has a meditation center just outside of S.F. called Spirit Rock and apparently I somehow got myself on their mailing list. One day I received an e-newsletter from Spirit Rock and I notice they are having a class on Buddhist Psychology the following Saturday. I thought “OH, WOW, I bet that class would be perfect for Denis.” In my excitement I emailed him the info and told him I definitely thought he should go. I felt so strongly about it that if money was an issue I would gladly pay for it. He did decide to go (and got to meet Jack and shake his hand and have a brief conversation!!! woot-woot!)

Unbeknownst to me he went to the gift shop afterward and bought me a thank you gift — a DVD recording of one of Jack’s lectures on creativity. A few days later the DVD arrives, I opened it and immediately thought “COOL! I want to listen to this right away” and I popped it in my computer and started to listen while I worked.

During the course of the lecture, Jack happens to mention Planetree hospitals and talks about what a wonderful experience it is to stay in a Planetree hospital. I literally stopped in my tracks and thought “HUH! I need to know more about that so if I ever get sick I can find myself a Planetree hospital.” I had never even heard of Planetree but their mission to help people heal through patient-centered care and creation of a healing environment spoke to my little reiki-master heart. I quickly Googled Planetree and realized “HOLY SHIT! they’re located about 15 minutes from me!”. How weird is that?! For some reason, my next thought was “HEY!, maybe they use outside resources for graphic design. HOW COOL would it be to have a client whose mission is so closely aligned with my belief system!” So I found the person on their website who was the most obvious contact and I reached out to her via email. I gave a very brief explanation of why I was reaching out and asked if they ever used outside graphic design resources. I clicked “Send” and in about 30 seconds I had a response back asking me to come in and meet. WAIT, WHAT??!! I can tell you that in my 17 years of self employment, that almost never happens. But “YAY!!!” And so I did, and we met and guess what… they are now a client of mine.

If you’ve read this far, thanks… I realize that was kind of long-winded! But I wanted you to see how the dots were connected through the different points in the story where I chose to do the thing that made me intrigued or happy or excited. (Bold words = dots.) That, in a nutshell, was me following my intuition. No, seriously. It’s really that freakin’ simple. Each time I did the thing that excited or intrigued me, another awesome thing happened. Literally, your intuition shows up as the excited feeling and sounds like the happy little voice inside your head. It loves life and wants to help you to follow your true path.

The moral of the story is, allow your intuition to sit in the front seat and drive the car, and ask your logical/rational mind to hop in the back seat and take a chill. Now, logical/rational doesn’t like to be a back seat driver. In fact, mine usually has a white knuckle grip on the steering wheel. So we have to practice escorting it into the back seat by paying close attention to those excited feelings and Aha! moments when they arise.

Today I encourage you to pay attention to the things that make you go Wow!, Hey!, Cool!, Awesome!… especially in regard to making choices. Doesn’t have to be a big thing… maybe whether to have that leftover spaghetti for lunch or a PB&J sandwich. (Often a dilemma of mine). Practice with small things. And then once you learn to do it in small ways it’ll be easier to do it for the more important things. I promise.

Well, hello.

OK, so I’ve got myself a blog. Now what? I guess the place to start is to share a little info about me and what I’m hoping to accomplish here. This might be a little lengthy so bear with me. Once I get this out of the way I hope to get down to making this something more productive.

My name is Kim and I am a happily married mother of three… currently two are grown adults who live on their own and one is a teenager still living here at home. Since I was a child I’ve always known there was more to our existence here on this planet than what we see with our own eyes. I can remember being a teenager and taking out every book in the library I could find that explored life after life—and at that time there weren’t a whole lot of them. I can remember pondering my life and wondering why I ended up with these parents, at this time, in this place. I somehow instinctually knew there could have been other options but I somehow had chosen this one.

As the years went by I often found myself in the company of other like-minded souls who were also trying to figure out the answers to these same questions and through them I’d find myself directed to take a particular class, read a particular book, or participate in a gathering that would help me to understand or explore further these things that interested me so much. I am, and have always been, a seeker of knowledge. I am endlessly curious and I can never get enough. I now know there are many like myself out there who crave to know more, to understand more and to figure out our place in this amazing universe. (In fact, if you’ve read this far you probably are one of those people!) I find all of it endlessly fascinating. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a college curriculum built around this whole topic? To have four entire years to devote to exploring this topic. I would probably have signed right up.

For clarification, I should say that I am not, and have never been, a member of any religion. As a kid I understood we were Roman Catholic but that was really just a label and we never went to church or religious education classes. I am one of those who describes myself as “spiritual, not religious” which nowadays can garner an eye-roll. I fully support — and to some degree I envy — those who have a strong religious belief system. I do believe that the purpose of all religions are to lead us us back to Source. They all do it differently but they have the same mission. If you find your way there in that manner, that is a joyous thing. More power to ya. I choose to do it differently. I believe as our inner abilities are accepted and developed we will come to realize that we have a directly link to Source all on our own. Conscious contact will become the norm.

So, fast forward to this particular point in my life… early 2017. I am a successful, self-employed graphic designer and I love, love, love the work that I do. I love the clients, I love my colleagues, I love the ability to work from home, I love the variety of work and I love the challenges. Pretty much I love it all. And, in recent years I have become a Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, and a Reconnective Healer. Did I mention I am a seeker? I am also a fairly regular meditator and through my meditation practice I have found that I have the ability to channel. I know, WTF, right? It started as written channeling and in the last several months I have discovered that I can also allow it to come through verbally. I AM SO EXCITED BY THIS! Okay, excited and also it brings up alot of HUGE insecurities for me. Like what the hell am I doing here? Who do I think I am, Esther Hicks??? (Yeah, I must admit, I do wish for that). And what do I want to do with this newfound ability? Well, truthfully, here’s the scary thing… I want to do this for the rest of my life. Each and every day. And saying that scares the bejesus out of me because I already make a great living as a graphic designer and I don’t want to screw that up. I have obligations that I am unwilling to give up. I guess figuring this all out is going to be part of the process.

So I guess for now the purpose of this blog, for me, is to try to live an examined life. To pay attention to the things that are going on and see where they are leading me — and I do believe part of my life path is to do this work and share it with others. I’m sure I have things to tell you — from me and from my guides — and hopefully you’re interested in hearing them. And if I even get a handful of followers who can relate to this journey that I am on, then hooray for us. I also plan to be able to offer services through this such as written channeled messages among other things. Lots of percolating going on in this little head of mine. But just starting this blog is my first step onto this path of a new kind of life. So feel free to join me and keep me company as I go. I welcome all who wish to step onto this path alongside me. Well, let me qualify that… I welcome you as long as you’re not a Debbie Downer. Life is hard enough, right? Let’s keep this light, folks. Onward…