You are magnificent.


Think about the ease with which you can choose to view life through the lens of joy. It is a simple shift of perspective and costs you nothing. In fact, you would only gain from this decision. Think of all those who have come before you and been able to manifest their wildest dreams. Think of all those who will come after you to do the same. Do you not wish to be among them? Do you not envision that you are as able as they are, or were, to do the same. You are magnificent. You come from magnificence. Do not doubt this for even a moment. You can tap into this divine river of abundance. It is yours, yours, yours. Here for the taking. It is as simple as asking the question and receiving the answer. We are here waiting. And watching. And applauding you every moment of the way. Keep in your mind’s eye the picture of us standing here cheering every single thing that you do. The smallest and the biggest. You are our beloveds and we wish you to see yourselves as we do. You are simply pure love and perfection. Nothing less. Be that which you are. Go forth and shine and let everyone see who you are and who they are. Pure love and joy.

Take Ownership of Your Happiness

Post5It is no secret any more that you are all powerful manifestors. Able to create for yourselves all that you could possibly desire. That is now understood by so many. We only wish to reinforce the understanding that it is indeed you who are in control. You think it is us or some other invisible presence that is pulling the strings like those on a marionette. Indeed, most definitely not so. Take ownership of your happiness and let it flow. Make the choice each and every day to be happy, to choose happy thoughts, to ignore the irrelevant negativity that you seem to want to cling to. You do not need to go in that direction at all. It serves you not.


The outward is only a creation of the inward. That which you see outside of yourself is a reflection of that which you have allowed yourself to imagine. Understand that it is nothing more than that. Relax into the knowing that the picture any being sees before itself is one that they themselves have created. Whether that is a picture of something undesirable or something made from their wildest dreams. And also understand that you cannot judge what another’s situation is, whether good or bad, for you cannot see the outpicturing from the point of view that they are seeing it. Do not judge others for having a good life or a bad life. For their life as viewed by them, from their perspective, will be different than as viewed from your perspective. It is all a matter of circumstance and each has his own. To each his own, as it were.

To Each His Own.


Your decision to come to this time and place is a journey that we are in awe of. Do not ever, for even a moment, think that you are alone or without support while you are here. We are journeying with you although we are not there in the physical sense that you would better be able to comprehend. But still, do not for a moment doubt that there are many here with you.

This world of yours


In the many months since I last posted I have given alot of thought as to whether I wanted to commit to continuing this blog, what it’s purpose was and how I could find a way to make it a consistent practice while still being manageable. This past summer I decided to challenge myself to spending time each morning for 30 days doing channeled writing. I am proud to report that I completed that challenge and have continued on afterward. At some point I realized that I could combine the channeled messages with the blog and be able to share these beautiful words that I receive from spirit. So, for now, that’s the plan and today is the first day. I will post a new one each week. For the most part these will be snippets of longer messages that I may also post from time to time. I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy receiving them. I will also post them on Instagram so please follow me there.



A Little Birdie Told Me


I have a client who is holding their annual conference in Baltimore in the fall. And I have a friend who I thought would be a perfect fit to speak at said annual conference. My friend has recently written a book and has an amazing message to share and this would be the perfect audience. I called my friend up and mentioned the conference to her and she agreed – it would be a great fit.

But alas, then comes the tough part… going through the application process. You have to fit the criteria and prove yourself worthy of the position, which my friend did with ease (well ok, at least it looked like ease from my point of view). And then, the tougher part – the waiting. And for many of us, the doubting. For me it’s often a vicious cycle I find myself repeating… worrying, then acknowledging that I’m worrying, then worrying that my worrying – via the law of attraction – will make me a magnet for all of the awful bad news I have been worrying will come. And then of course that means that I must worry some more.

I don’t know if my friend put herself through this heinous wash, rinse and repeat series of negative thoughts. But she called me one day and told me what she did experience.

By the end of the day that the organization was scheduled to let all of the applicants know whether or not they had made the cut, my friend hadn’t heard squat. So she decided to go out for a walk to clear her head and get away from the computer and the obsessive urge to constantly check her email. During her walk, something swooped by and caught her eye. She focused her attention on the movement and realized it was a bird as it perched nearby. Not just any old bird, it was a Baltimore oriole. Yes, I kid you not, there it was. As plain as day. Not just any old bird, but a flippin’ Baltimore oriole. She said she had never before seen one in their neighborhood. A sign, you ask? Heck yeah. The next day she got the email saying “Congratulations! We’ll see you in October!”

It makes me wonder how often the universe puts out those seemingly little signs for us and how often we miss them. I picture spirit finding clever ways to put unusual experiences in our paths and then collectively rolling their eyes as we tromp on by with our heads down and eyes fixed firmly on the 3 feet directly in front of us, all the while worrying our little minds about what may or may not come to pass.

I am so glad my friend was able to see her sign. And in telling me about it she reminded me that these things do happen and they are real. Spirit is constantly communicating with us… it’s just up to us to be open and to receiving it.