Reiki is a gentle energy that promotes healing on a mind, body, emotional and soul level. Reiki also helps balance chakras and realigning the body’s energy by removing any energetic blocks present, and filling your energy field with high vibrational Light energy. Although Reiki is great for any day, Reiki can also help ease pain and grief so sessions are helpful before and after medical procedures, dealing with an illness or stressful situation. Reiki is also safe during pregnancy, the energy automatically adjust to each persons specific needs. Email for an appointment:

1 Hour Session: $100.00

Channeled Messages

If you have a couple of specific questions for your guides, angels or need some affirmations of what you may have been experiencing, I offer an economical solution for you. All questions are answered with extensive detail, ranging from 200-400 words per question. Email your questions to:

1 Question: $20.00
3 Questions: $40.00
5 Questions: $60.00