What If?…


Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming about something that you really desire? Asking yourself “what if” you had a new job, a new car, a new partner, a new lifestyle? Can you remember the feelings that you were having during those exquisite moments when you let your thoughts run free and began to envision something new and different? Didn’t you feel it in your body? A visceral feeling… a deep-down, instinctual excitement at the possibilities of what the future could bring. That, my friend, is the power of a “what if” question.

If you have a moment right now, stop what you’re doing and think of something you’ve been longing for — something that you haven’t even allowed yourself to consider having — and ask yourself “What if I could easily __________________?” (fill in the blank). And then spend a minute or so daydreaming about how that would feel and what it would look like.

The thing is, when you ask a “what if?” question, out loud or silently, it’s really all about the moments after you ask the question. When you ask a “what if” question that is important to you there’s a slight pause after you ask the question as your neurotransmitters are lining up the energy that is coming through your body. During that pause you are recalibrating your own energy. That’s the moment when your energy is actually starting to match your power. This is the excitement you feel as you are envisioning the possibilities. Literally the energy inside your body is matching up to the energy of your potential. It’s you lining up your vision of yourself with the vision that the Universe has for you. And the real magic is happening through this alignment. Yikes!

A while ago I began to ask myself “what if I easily communicate between worlds?”— meaning our physical world and the world of spirit. I literally felt giddy at the thought, it was so exciting. And I allowed myself to daydream about what that might might look like in a tangible way, in my life. I did this on a fairly regular basis. And I am here to tell you that I have begun to see a change in my clairsentient abilities and I have gone from being hopeful but tentative/doubtful to being able to connect much more readily and easily. My channeling is no longer only typewritten but also comes through verbally. I am much more confident and capable as a result.

So what I am telling you is that you can have an impact on your life and your circumstances simply by asking yourself “what if” questions. And then paying attention to the alignment you feel as your energy shifts. It’s exciting, right?!? And it’s so freakin’ simple! I believe that if you practice this regularly you will begin to see your circumstances change for the better. I hope if you do you will share them with me. I’d love to see how your dreams come to life!